DIY Chain Headpiece

Alright ladies, here it is as promised…the DIY chain headpiece! And better yet, it only cost $3.99! Right now, Michael’s craft store is running a 30% off sale, and the particular chain I purchased didn’t even need the additional jump rings that other DIY’s require. I’m so excited to show you how to do this, so lets get straight to business!

Here’s what you need: Chain, jewelry pliers, and jump rings (depending on the chain you purchase you may not need the jump rings). If you make your own, send me a pic if you don’t mind…I’d love to see how they turn out for you!

Here are the steps below and you can look to the slide show for pictures. Good luck!

Step #1 : Take one end of the chain and measure the width of you forehead for a proper fitting. Don’t make it to tight.

Step #2: I used a twist tie to mark the spot for me so I wouldn’t loose it.

Step #3 : Take your pliers and separate the link at the end of your chain.

Step #4 : Attach the end where the twist tie link is located to make a circle.

Step #5 : Lastly, take the remaining end of the chain and lay it down the middle of the circle and attach in the middle.

Step #6: Your end result should look so and now it’s time to try it on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Xx, Maggie

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  1. Awesome!!! thanks so much, I’m going to try this for Autum carnival is Australia!! xxx

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