A Glam Summer

There is nothing more GLAM than taking a well needed vacation! Glamonomics is officially off for summer break. But no need to worry…we will return mid-August with the latest and greatest in all things fashion for fall!

So instead of spending your summer reading blogs…get outside and enjoy yourself with lots of bbq’s, pool sessions, shopping, and of course a margarita (or two). And don’t forget to visit us again in August for all your fashion needs!


The Girls at Glamonomics

My Shady Addiction

I am a self-proclaimed sunglasses addict. In my opinion, sunglasses can make anyone look good. There is just something about shades that add a “cool” factor to men and women alike. And I will admit, sometimes I am that person who wears their sunglasses indoors…what of it?

Since June is here and the heat is on, sunglasses are everywhere and I just can’t get enough of them! Here are some of my favorites, and if you’re looking to find the best shades for you face shape, check out my article with Latina Magazine for a full guide.

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Stay Trendy, Val



MTV Movie Awards Fashion

I must admit that the thing I love most about award shows is the red carpet fashion! And the MTV Movie Awards this weekend were no exception! I love that this particular award show is more laid back so the fashion is always very current and edgy.

Here were some of my favorites…

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Cheers, Jess


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